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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weight Around

So I'm vacillating between 185 and 186 for the last week or so. Probably because my primary meals have been oatmeal (with 1/4 stick of butter) and yogurt. Seriously, even cheese hurts to chew with my dentures. Forget lettuce or meat or anything else. Even eggs require more work/pain than I'm willing to commit to. That means I'm ok with my weight staying where it is. It's ok. This is a difficult time right now in terms of my health, in particular my mouth, so this falls under the aegis of "I'm doing the best that I can." And I'm good with that.

It's going to take time to get my gums used to wearing the dentures. My mom said that she remembers when her mother, my gramma, got her dentures at around age 30 (shitty teeth. Bad roll of the gentic dice that got passed on to me. My Dutch grandfather, however, died with every tooth in his mouth and not so much as a filling. Yup.), and she remembers her putting in and taking out the dentures as she got used to them.

I go in today to have the stitches out and I'm hoping to get a little bit more pain relief in the form of something stronger than Norco. Actually, Ibuprofen seems to be handling it pretty well. Whatever was going on with the dry socket syndrome (Dr. Google says this is what my problem was/is.) seems to have resolved, although not 100%. And I hope this doesn't mean more work on the part of the dentist and myself. UGH. I'm ready for it to just be over.

Once my mouth is back on track, I'll be back on my high protein DS diet. Right now? I'm just doing the best I can, taking it day by day.

Don't get me wrong:  I'd love nothing more than a big fat steak with bleu cheese on top of it. Oh my goodness. Just waiting for that day.


One last thing:

The little amount I've been eating still has created ENORMOUS amounts of bowel waste. How is that possible?? A tub of yogurt, some oatmeal, a piece of quiche, two bites (gums?) of a shredded beef quesadilla, and just, wow, without being too graphic, there was A LOT of waste exiting my body. I don't get it. The oatmeal? Regardless, I'm going to go see what I've got stashed away in the freezer. I think there might be some Italian sausages in there. I can manage those (with my gums).


  1. That's a lot of dairy products and gas creators. Combine with painkillers and you have created a manufacturing facility for waste. Oatmeal isn't that high in fiber but it's bulky. Yogurt (hopefully it's low fat and greek) is building you up some good gut flora which is good and aids digestion plus protein. Eggs, I dunno...I know few DS patients who don't have issues with eggs.
    Now, throw some meds in there. They sloooooow down your systems, that's how they aid in alleviating pain. You're sleeping/resting more and so your body is doing a very slow deliberate digestion.

    ...and eliminating the waste. It's a good thing.

    I've said before, I'll say again. To lessen the bowel issues, drop the heavy cream, drop the high fat. Just because you CAN consume high fat doesn't mean you MUST. Change the lifestyle - use half & half. Switch out your fats and use better, healthier ones (olive oil based spreads instead of so much butter), etc. Lower your fat and you will reduce bowel issues (which by the way, your weight loss is not tied to pooping - that's not how/why you're losing weight).

    Also, consider my longtime trick - mint tea. Load it with Splenda and it really aids digestion (and weight loss if you want more of that).

    1. Thanks for the info. I always appreciate it.


  2. I don’t find anything wrong with oatmeal, quit the contrary. In gives me the energy, it is not so high in fiber, and it’s most delicious when you combine it with milk. So, the only thing that might bother you is probably your medicines that can really slow down your system. So, throw them away and enjoy in your meal!

    Isabel Phelps @ Buckhead Dentist