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Monday, July 20, 2015


It’s on cable every year, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In my case, last week was “carb week" and like "shark week" in that I ate everything that moved. LOL

I went on a carb holiday. I figured…my body went up 15 pounds all by itself, might as well enjoy myself for a while. And I did. Coffee cake, fruit (peaches oh my), chocolate, macaroni and cheese, pizza (with crust), muffins (homemade with Splenda, but white flour and blueberries), chips and dip, nachos (OK, those I eat a lot, with or without chips) and on like that.

So my weight went from 174 to 185 for no apparent reason.

One week of carb-loading saw me go to 190.

Yesterday my carbs were reduced, although not eliminated (coffee cake, chocolate) my protein increased, and today I’m down two pounds to 188. Go figure.

The carb cravings are there and they are strong. I’m loading protein so I’ll stay full. Tomorrow I’m having multiple extractions at the dentist in preparation for dentures, which I’ll also pick up tomorrow. I am prepared to go on all soft foods:  shakes, eggs, protein Jell-O, yogurt. I imagine it will be a few days until I feel ready to actually eat solid food. Maybe longer. So the timing is also good in terms of a carb detox.

Also? I maintained vitamins and supplements, and liquid requirements.

So how do I feel about going “off the reservation?”  No shame, a teensy amount of guilt, but mostly I feel pretty good. I really enjoyed myself. Were there side effects? Of course. A TON of gas, the shits, bloating, gas, and so on, but I anticipated it, and was prepared to handle what was necessary. In a word, I had a lot of fun. It was like a vacation. Now I have to get back to real life. No regrets. Previously, it might have been months or even years before I got back "on track."

So I made myself a list of flip cards, 3x5 cards on a spiral that I used when I gave discussions or presentations in college, and put all the things I needed to remember regarding having the DS. And they are:

·         Diabetes
·         Diarrhea
·         Lane Bryant
·         Airplane Seats
·         Back Pain
·         Standing

·         Eat every two hours
o   Nuts
o   Cheese
o   Protein / meat
o   Walk
o   Read
o   Write
o   Clean aka housework
o   Movie
o   Reinstall MyFitnessPal on phone (it had crashed some months ago and I had to take it off)
o   Use it!


Meal I
·         Eggs
·         Cheese
·         Meat

  Every two hours:
·         Nuts
·         Cheese
·         Eggs
·         Meat


·         Deli Plate, i.e., meat, cheese, pickle, cole slaw, kimchi…

·         Taco Bowl

And lastly:


Words to live by.

I'm going to keep the booklet in my purse and flip through it as I 
go through my day as reminders of what to do.

PS:  Did you see the video of the surfer fight off a shark during a surfing competition? Brave and lucky! Just wow!

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