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Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Few Pics

Here is a photo I took from across the street, at a strip mall, of Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, CA. It looks like a hotel both inside and out. All rooms are private. My mom said she found a Starbucks inside. R said the cafeteria food was actually good. It's one of the best hospitals you'll find in the US, not just in terms of poshness, but of actual care.

All of my nurses were fabulous, including the strange little man who I let give me a shower on Saturday, without shame. (It felt wonderful.)

Here are a couple of selfies I took while in bed on Saturday. Friday I was out of it most of the day.

This is a selfie I took in the Denny's bathroom the Sunday before surgery. I looked good, and my hair was actually behaving, so I snapped off a few. This will be my last pre-surgery photo, as it turns out.

Shortly after I took this as I was leaving Denny's, a sweet old man with white hair told me, 'You're beautiful!" Then he pointed at R and said, "He's not going to chase me, now, is he?" LOL  No, R was unaware of the interchange. :D Sweet.

I'm doing good, resting, trying to recover, draining a buttload of blood and fat from my bellybutton wound, which is left open intentionally for that reason. Tomorrow we're going to the dollar store for some cheap dish towels, then the grocery store where I want some refried beans. I'm having some peanut butter right now. Delish. Most things taste like ass just now. Ugh. But I'm down 15 pounds and my blood glucose is trending downward. All good.

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