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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm Cleared for Surgery

I saw my doctor today. R came with as he took the day off and he agreed that she is a good, kind, and thoughtful doctor. She even looked at some skin tags he has and then gave us a referral to a good dermatologist in the area. R has an appointment at the end of the month.

So my EKG came back fine, my chest x-ray was fine, most of my labs were fine, but some were not. My A1C (3 month diabetes blood glucose average) actually went up! Hmm...maybe it was the box of cherry turnovers? Or the chocolate covered raisins? Or the raisin toast? Or the Hot see where I'm going here, right? Yeah, out of control panicky eating. It has, as I wrote yesterday, mostly abated. I've had enough cake, cookies, candy, ice cream, and pastries for a lifetime, and the will still be in my life, but in much lower quantity and frequency. And I'm fine with that. I say that until I weep over some cheese-filled Danish (fill in the blank) something that I can't eat and I'll have to remember this post, suck it up, eat what I can eat, move on, and deal with it, dang girl!! LOL

One of my labs, my Vitamin D, is low, again. I was on 50,000 iu three years ago for six months, but it's back down again. I'm supposed to pick up a prescription for it. We went to the pharmacy after the appointment and none of my refills nor the D and now Lasix (my potassium is just over the high mark which can be dangerous) were ready. So I'll call tomorrow before I drive over. And yes, I will hassle the doctor's office. If she thought it was that important to start it now, then where is my prescription that was supposed to sent over electronically?

I didn't have the idiot nurse today, I had an intern who, quite frankly, was much more prepared and organized than the gal with all the experience Huh. I told her she did great.

So all my labs were supposed to go over today, and I told the surgeon's office if they don't get it, to let me know. She said they would take care of it. Also, I overnighted the last payment to the surgeon today. I used (they offered me some free postage) and it told me to take my package to the post office. Turns out I had it in the wrong envelope, so the clerk was kind enough to cut off the paper "stamp" I had printed out, a label, really, and put it on the correct envelope which I then readdressed with a form they needed and which they stuck on the front. They'll have it tomorrow. Awesome.

In the meantime, the HSA is really been an ass about reimbursing us for these program costs. I ran around like a chicken with their head cut off for a large part of the afternoon, took an early Klonopin (I usually take at bedtime), and I felt myself calming down in about 20 minutes. Ugh.

So it was R's birthday, and he chose a nice barbecue restaurant and I had a fabulous tri-tip with a bleu cheese wedge salad with caramelized bacon. OMG. So good. Their sauce was really good, too. R was happy, and I gave him a mushy card that he really liked. We don't really exchange gifts. I don't know why, we just don't. We usually do an experience like dinner out, whale watching, a trip to a forest, stuff like that. I still like to get cards, though, and so does he.

So hopefully everything to handled today--my labs got faxed over to the surgeon, my prescriptions got transmitted to the pharmacy, and my money order for the final payment will show up tomorrow (and she said she'd email me when it does.). *fingerscrossed*

I'm so excited to get this done and over with and come home, although due to the lack of HSA reimbursement coming in a timely fashion, we may be doing some van camping and then I'll probably spend about a week at my in-laws. I'll sit out in the yard between walks and play on my laptop. I'm hoping to get some writing done on my novel. We'll see, I may have anesthesia brain (doih!).

I'm praying like a cardinal at a convocation: Please, don't let anything divert me from this path, and that there be no serious complications. World without end, Amen.

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