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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Overeating Abating

I've gained six pounds since the end of January. AWESOME!!! This after I actually managed to lose four pounds over Christmas. LOL Ya gotta laugh or you'll kill something sometimes.

So I'm backing off the food stuffing. I don't feel that great and it doesn't taste that good. I had a Pink Lady apple last night and it was so delicious. I love me some PL apples. I wonder...will I be able to put an apple, or other fruit into my protein shakes in the blender? Like berries? Or will that be too many carbs? I need to check into that. They're full of vitamins and fiber so I would like to add them in. I'll check and find out. Maybe apples are off the menu for a long while....maybe never? I'd hate for that to happen. Maybe a once-in-a-while thing.

I think the only thing I want to eat before I go under the knife is a nice big plate of Mexican food. A shredded beef taco, a cheese and onion enchilada, rice and beans, and maybe a Margarita. Alcohol is also banned for two years so I should say farewell to the booze for a while. That's not a big deal for me as I just don't drink very often. I drink about two or three times a year, mostly at Christmas. It's just not important to me, athough sometimes a nice glass of wine can hit the spot. That reminds me--I have a bottle of Moscato chilling in the fridge and the Oscars are on. Hmmm.....I think I'll have a glass (or two) once the show starts.

Ta for now!


  1. Mostly you won't have room in your stomach in the first year to eat fruit *and* make your daily quota of protein, so you'll choose protein. In that way you'll kind of naturally limit the carbs.

    But you'll figure all this out and more as you go along. :)