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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back Home

I woke up today, sad that there would be no interesting breakfast. Huh. I've known a lot of things about my eating over the years--emotional eating, self-medicating, stuffing feelings--I never realized that "entertainment" was a big part of my eating life.

So I got up and let my cat out the front door--I slept in the reclining chair and he was "mah, mah" -ing at me to open the door. R opens the back door at dawn, but Pascal really likes to go out the front door. I leave it open for fresh air.

After I opened the door, I realized how badly I needed to pee because it started running down my legs. I made it to the bathroom, sat down, and realized I had neglected a maxi pad the night before, hence the leaking. So I got cleaned up, fresh undies, a fresh shop towel for my leaky belly button, got the Swiffer out and mopped up all the pee drips. Not on my list of things to do today...I thought.

It's hard to be humbled by your own body.

I made a cup of Constant Comment tea, and old favorite from childhood it's basically orange spice. Soothing, warm, and wet. I made a big mug, 12 oz.

An hour later I was going to make some cream of chicken soup, but the Lactaid I'd brought back with me from LA (in an icechest) had gone bad and had lumps in it. So I had oatmeal. I'm trying to screw up my courage to make a protein shake. they really taste like fermented milk. Bleh. I had some success with a bit of cottage cheese last night.

The ride home was long, beautiful, great weather, and by the end I was exhausted. We stopped at our favorite grocery story to load up on food supplies, and I was dragging so much I could barely make it over to the little scooters you can borrow. It's the anesthesia. It takes a few weeks to get out of my system and leaves me feeling very zombie-ish.

I'm supposed to shower and take the drain out of my belly--I guess that will be a story for another time, but I waited for R to come home before I do it in case I pass out or fall. He's using the bathroom just now, so I imagine after I'll be sitting on the side of the tub bathing. I don't feel like I can stand long enough to get everything washed.

Lot's to tell. LOTS. It'll be coming out in dribs and drabs over the next few days.

As of yesterday I'd lost 11 lbs, and my blood glucose is trending downward. Yay.

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