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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Two Weeks Post-op

And I feel like crap. We went to the grocery store last night after R got home from work (I'm still not released to drive). We went to the dollar store and loaded up on some dishtowels to soak up my belly fat and blood leaking from my bellybutton wound. Yeah, it's that much. It's also hard to wash out of clothes. I was going to Google "How to get human fat out of fabrics", but was concerned that the NSA might want to talk to me later. :-P Turns out, regular dish detergent, the liquid, can get out fats of any kind, even bicycle grease.

I got some human blubber on my brand new dress when I fell asleep in it. I washed it, but it didn't come out. There's a white shadow where the tummy is. I didn't run it through the dryer; I let it dry over the shower rod. I'm going to soak everything (nightgowns, former dishtowels, undies), in the tub with some Palmolive before I run everything through the washer.

I'm trying a protein shake sample I made with ice and Lactaid milk and it's not too bad. Just by itself with water it was one of the worst things I've ever tasted. Ever. Gag. I think the ice makes the difference. Oh, and we're having to buy ice because something in our refrigerator smells metallic and is making all the frozen food taste metallic. It's nasty. The ice cubes coming out of there are like chewing on aluminum foil. *shudder*

So anyway...back to the store. I wanted refried beans, cream cheese (so good in refried beans), ground turkey, ice, and R got a few things. I did about five rows, then circled through the green grocer section and over to line, and I was exhausted. I was leaning over the cart and I started shaking. R caught up to me and I said, 'You have to take care of this. I have to go sit down over there," and I pointed to the in-store pharmacy that had a couple of comfy chairs for waiting.

R checked out the groceries, took them to the car, moved the car closer to the door, and then came and got me. I wasn't ready to go yet. Finally I got up, he took my arm, and slowly walked me over to the car and drove me home. We couldn't take our van because when we went outside to use it to go to the store, it had a flat tire! Super!

Getting out of that low-to-the-ground T-Bird is hard to do with belly wounds. Yowza.

So I'm constantly going back and forth--too much exercise? too much sitting? Back and forth. And why does my back hurt like a mutherfucker when I stand? What is that about.

Oh, and a tip for the ladies, I thought that my boobs had been taped down during surgery based on the red marks on the under/outer side of them, and my RN friend confirmed, yes, they do tape your boobs out of the way. Now I have a spotted crusty peeling rash on the outside right of my right boob. Thuper.

I haven't weighed myself in a few days. Honestly, right now, I just don't care. My blood sugar is hovering around 200, so I'm still taking low insulin shots, like 10iu. I used to take 37iu in the am, and 30iu at night. And it was around 300. So this is good news, just not "good enough" for me. I'm giving it time, though. It's just two weeks since surgery.

I spent the last few days focusing on hydration. I can still just cram in about 40-48 ounces per day. And that's sipping constantly. This will increase with time, too, I know, as my poor stomach recovers from what was done to it. Protein? I flaked a couple of days, trying to eat more protein without having to have a nasty shake. I don't think I even hit 20 with the protein the last two days. That's why I'm trying the protein shakes again--I can't eat enough protein to even meet a bare minimum. The three spoonfuls of refried beans with a scattering of cheese and turkey meat took me two hours to eat and was cold (I really hate hot food that is cold), but it was yummy.

So back to the protein shakes. So far so good, as long as there is ice in there.

I know I owe a surgery story, but I'm just really tired right now. I'll have it up, eventually.

One last thing: I hadn't been sleeping well the last few nights, so last night I decided to sleep in our bed. I slept 12 hours and had the best nights' sleep I've had since I quit taking the Vicodin (pain) syrup. Yes.


Chocolate protein drink sample consumed. I got about 90% of it down before it turned to liquid. It was 25g of protein, so I probably got at least 20. It took less than an hour. Next up:  Strawberry flavor.


  1. All normal at 2 weeks out -- not that that will make you feel *physically* better. I've never been so exhausted in my life as I was for those first 6 weeks. I thought I'd never feel normal again. I never had a moment's regret, but I was pretty overwhelmed the first 6 weeks. AND then I had to go back to work ... ugh.

    My belly button seeped ick and goo for 6 months and freaked out my PCP. Soaked through bandages, sanitary napkins, and started to feel acidic on my skin after a while. Hated that for the first couple of months ... but eventually it closed up.

    Taste buds are wacked for months ... but that helps one change one's relationship to food for at least the 18-mos. key weight loss period, which improves one's health. It does kind of mess w/ people's heads sometimes, though. Don't worry too much about protein right now. Seriously, you've got protein stores galore. Hydration is for key the first month.

    Just stay in touch with whatever online support group you've chosen (if you haven't, pick one! That saved my sanity).

    You're doing fine.

  2. Also? I was on Vicodin for weeks and couldn't lie down flat in bed so I slept in my recliner for 6 weeks. This is not the fun period of the DS! :)

  3. Thanks. I needed to hear that. I told R that I "just want to lie down for a couple of weeks and wake up feeling better." Ugh.

    Now I'm having good cravings. Food that doesn't even taste good once I put it in my mouth. Although the refried beans are hitting the spot.

    My tummy is leaking so badly that it collects on the floor under the toilet when I go pee. Yeah, that much. I haven't even told the story of what happened at the surgeon's office on Monday. It's enough to gag a maggot, as my mom would say. Gross!

    I'm on five boards and OH and so far none of them are really inspiring. I keep checking in, tho.

    Thanks, HD.