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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Busy Effing Weekend

One of my long-term clients (and a good friend) came up on Friday for the weekend to finish and publish his book--that he's worked on in one way or another for 25 years. In return, he's been wining and dining R and I like we were royalty. The guy is too much, and we've laughed so much, OMG. I've had lobster, Viet Namese, a big fat Harris Ranch ribeye, bread pudding with bourbon sauce, and today a big plate of melted cheese (Mexican food). The no carb, calorie, meat, or dessert left behind tour is almost over. LOL

He's staying one more day because my computer may have jacked up everything I/we worked on over the weekend. So hopefully tomorrow we'll get it knocked out and I can start listing, packing, and preparing to leave on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I thought about it a couple of days, found an online coupon for 40% off at this retailer, and bought this dress , to, as HD said, "Schlub around in" post-surgery. I even got the expedited shipping. I think it's pretty, and I can wear it around the house if / when it becomes too big.

In the meantime, I'm getting scared: scared this surgery won't go forward. I don't know what I'll do if this one gets cancelled, too. I just don't know.

Wish me luck / pray for me / wear your jammies inside out, would you? Thank you.


  1. It's not going to get cancelled. Good wishes are in the mail to you from me as of tomorrow. Just give yourself permission to feel thrown for a loop afterward for 6 weeks at least, due to stem-to-stern surgery, anesthesia, learning how to eat all over again, and fluctuating hormones. Then there's all the long-term stuff. That said? All will be well.

  2. Your support means so much to me. Thank you. XO

  3. Cute dress! I guess they will be my BFFs for a while until I can get pants on again.

    And no whammies!!! Big money big money c'mon surgery! It is gonna happen!!!!

  4. No whammies!!

    Just got an email from the doc...For a moment there...panic. but my fit D is low and I have to up it...way up. *whew*

    Thanks B.!

    1. Get ready for a lifetime of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. (Me at the moment at 8+ years out? Severe A, B12, D, and ferritin deficiencies plus low protein.) As long as you stay on top of them, however, they're manageable. We're lab rats, post-DS. :) But you already know that.

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  6. As a diabetic, I never forgot (or rarely) my twice-daily injections. I'm just replacing it with vitamins and supplements. But the vitamins won't kill me, the diabetes will/would. It's a trade-off and I stand ready to make it.

    Thanks for chiming in, as always!! xo