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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Countdown Closes In

A Quick Note From Jules:

After I published this, I noticed a bunch of links to other websites. Please be aware I have not added the links. I don't know if this is a new Google thing or what, but don't feel obligated to click on them; I didn't add them. KThanksBai.--J.

 Tomorrow I start my liquid diet--creamy items like cream soups (strained) popsicles, apple juice, and ice cream / pudding. The day after is clear liquids--Gatorade, broth, apple juice, etc.

I wasn't planning on going out with such a face-stuffing food orgy, but with my friend here from out of town picking up the tab as we scrambled to finish his project, and which we did, yesterday, and we had a blast at every meal. I had another steak last night. And creme brulee. Oh my. The New York steak wasn't as  good as the ribeye from Saturday night, but still, very good.

I was going to take myself out for breakfast this morning, including a waffle, but I was so tired from working 12 hour days since Friday, that I slept all day. Ugh.

I did get an email from my surgeon yesterday. As I waited for it to open (super secret log-in only encryption), I held my breath hoping he hadn't looked at my labs and cancelled me. *exhale* No. Just my Vitamin D is low, which I knew and my regular doctor had put me on 50,000 iu per week when I saw her last week. The surgeon wants me to up it to 100,000 iu per day post op, and then after three months, drop it to 50,000 iu per day thereafter. So I just got off of Amazon where I ordered the Vitamin D he requested I take, a chewable iron supplement (chocolate / raspberry: I hope it doesn't taste like ass.), and an egg timer. The old fashioned kind with the sand in it so I can time my bites of food when I transition to real food.

I'd already purchased some baby spoons and bowls to eat with so that I keep my portions to the required levels and not eat to fast (and barf. Ugh.) among other things.

My dress is supposed to be here tomorrow, but I am leaving around 2 o'clock to pick up R from school so we can head down to SoCal where I've booked a hotel for two nights. I need to see my surgeon at 9:30 am and then register at the hospital at 10:30 am and I don't want to run the risk of bad traffic and end up missing my appointment. Anyway, if the dress isn't here before I leave, my neighbor/cat sitter is going to re-mail it to my mom's house for me. I told her I'd leave her a labeled envelope and some cash for the postage and all she had to do was take it to the post office. She said "no problem."  Yay. I hope it comes before I leave, though.

I have plenty of other vitamins that I've been taking, religiously, since I was approved in January. I have not missed one supplement and in fact have added a B-complex as of a week ago. As a diabetic, I've had to learn not to miss my meds or injections so I am already in a medicine taking habit, plus all the drugs I take at bed time. I hope to get rid of at least two of them shortly after surgery. *fingerscrossed*

R and I are heading out to Target shortly, after he gets up from his nap, where I plan to look for some unflavored protein to mix into things, plus the things for the liquid and clear liquid diet, a thermometer, and the bowel prep (fun!), then we are going to IHOP where I am going to have the Swedish Crepes, which I love, and that will be my last pre-surgery meal. If Target doesn't have unflavored protein powder, I'll order it online and have it sent to my mom's place.

I'm getting nervous. I don't want anything to go wrong and I don't want my lungs to misbehave as they are wont to do. *fingerscrossed*

Tomorrow I'm going to pack, (lists are made), and then I'm going to leave, not to return until...who knows when? I will be staying at my mom's post-op--I just can't do stairs or dysfunctional family members and my friend who was here agreed saying "You can't heal if you're stressed, and it sounds stressful." Uh, yeah. My mom is giving up her bed and sleeping on the couch instead of me. The couch is so low I can barely get off of it now let alone post-surgery. I'll be bringing my own pillows.

I can't think of anything else. I just hope the pain is manageable, I don't barf or fall down (I'm asking for a walker post-op. I have no depth perception to speak of and a bad ankle. I'm unsteady even on a good day.). R and my mom are going to be there surgery day, and R is going to sleep in my room. His dad's
 birthday is on Monday, so he's going to spend some time with his dad that day. I'm hoping to be released that day so he can take me and my mom to her place. Otherwise? If I'm discharged later than Monday? I'll have to rely on the in-laws to come pick me up. Ack.

Prayers and good juju for me.



  1. Sounds as if you're (over) prepared ... so was I.

    The walker sounds like an EXCELLENT idea. I couldn't sleep in a regular bed for 6 weeks or so ... so I slept in my recliner. I was and am a barfer from my earliest days ... but it's totally non-traumatic, unlike normie folks when they barf -- not gut-wrenching or anything like that ... more like a baby burping up milk. Most DSers aren't, though, so I wouldn't worry about it. You'll figure stuff out as you go along. And I was released from the hospital on the afternoon of my fourth day, as I recall.

    I'll hold good thoughts. Have R text me after you're out of surgery!!!!!!


    1. I bought a thermometer also. :-)and. No plain protein powder, as I thought.

      I'll order when I get home.

      You are on the contact list!!!


  2. I 2nd the recliner for sleeping. I couldn't sleep laying flat for weeks after my RNY and even longer after my hysterectomy.

    If you have a GNC nearby, they may have the unflavored protein powder. My surgeon's office gave me a ton of samples too.

    Good luck!!!! I am excited for you!!

  3. Unfortunately, a recliner is not going to happen. Having bronchial issues for years, I can sleep sitting up in a bed rather well.

    Thanks, Bea! I hope you're doing well, yourself!!!

    Of I go!


    1. I am doing ok...with the exception of the whole "my ass is asleep" issue! They will give you a spirometer for your breathing at the hospital. Make sure you use it!!! It will help a lot with any post op bronchial issues!

      Wooohoooo!!! Here you go!